Since December, 2013, I have been contemplating the feasibility of “upgrading” our shed to include a storage area, a multipurpose room that can be used as a “live” recording room, and an office area that will primarily function as a control room.


Preliminary drawing for the shed, built on a concrete pad using Creosote posts with corrugated steel siding and roof


“The Shed” – rusty roof and all. Don’t mind the princess bikes . . .

When I first started brainstorming about this project, I immediately conjured the ideal situation for a studio: completely soundproof, all rooms would be floated inside the structure, double-walls would be used throughout. However, the practicality of our situation prevailed. We need a functioning garage so that I can work on our vehicles, the largest room needs to function as a playroom/TV room so that we can have some additional space. Our house is small, and the additional space is much-needed.

In addition, my current job provides the opportunity to work from home. However, our small house has limited my ability to have an isolated, dedicated office space. Furthermore, my audio gear and my drums spend most of their time packed into a small armoire or in the garage instead of set-up and ready to go when I am inspired to record or sketch an idea.


The 6th draft of shed plans. I definitely want a control room with non-parallel walls.

During the course of this project, I hope to find a balance between cost and practicality. I also want this to be a useful space for the family. After speaking with several friends who are in the construction business – in some form or another – and my grandfather, who has been a contractor for over 50 years, I have settled on a design that hopefully maximizes the use of this space for the family as well as a functioning project studio.

To find out more about this project please visit my Shed Page.