Jer has the uncanny ability to lock right in with music, no matter the style. I’ve heard him switch between playing rock, heavy metal, and folk without a blink of an eye. It’s refreshing to work with someone able to listen in to the music and within moments come up with a drum track that perfectly fits. Simply put, Jer is a monster player with impeccable timing. In addition to his talent behind the kit his ability to mic up a drumkit (as well as pretty much any other instrument), step into the production mindset, and put forth a professionally recorded performance is an asset to any project. And to top it all off, he’s very easy to work with.

– Rob Steinway (songwriter/guitarist/bassist)


Having played with Jer off and on for over 10 years, in the end if you need a quality/lasting product, you go to him. Not only is he fluent in his work on the drums, his ear is finely tuned having spent much of his time behind a mixing console working on projects ranging from death metal to mainstream rock, its a guarantee you wont be dissapointed.

– Joe Nurre (songwriter/guitarist)


I have had the pleasure to work with Jer for many years and he has always displayed the confidence and intuition of what to play to bring out the best in any song. His playing has always inspired me to improve my own playing and parts. Whether it be a show, in studio, or a rehearsal Jer always delivers his best…..which is exceptional.

– Mark Roemen (songwriter/drummer/bassist/guitarist)


Jer is a very gifted drummer, but also has a great ear, and is skilled in song writing and structure, music production and engineering.

– Ben Eddy (songwriter/guitarist)