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Jackson Hang Glider in the Studio Again

Drum tracks at MARS

Laying down drum tracks at MARS studio in Bothell

Had a great time laying down drum tracks with Jackson Hang Glider last weekend! It’s an honor to make studio magic with these guys. Thanks to Mike Blackburn (Blackburn Sound) for putting together some amazing drum sounds!

Jackson Hang Glider at The Sunset Tavern

Looking forward to playing with Jackson Hang Glider, again, on August 13th for our debut Seattle show! This will be a fantastic line-up with Black Plastic Clouds and Hot Donna.

Jackson Hang Glider live at The Sunset Tavern on August 13th


New Song Available from Jackson Hang Glider

I am pleased to announce that Jackson Hang Glider has released a special teaser of our new tune, All Good, for your listening pleasure!

The final version will be available later this Summer.

Please feel free to leave a comment and visit us on Facebook or at jacksonhangglider.com.

Thanks for listening!

Roofs and Refuse

Well, it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve come to the decision that the roof will need to be redone. Right now, there is corrugated steel sheeting nailed directly to the frame of the shed. Over time, water has begun to leak through the holes where the nails go through the sheeting and into the 2×4’s underneath.

After doing a bit of research on the web, it became clear that simply cleaning the existing steel roof, and painting it, would be too much work and would not last as long as a traditional asphalt-shingled roof with proper underlayment.

In addition, we’ve begun cleaning up the inside of the shed, and we moved-in a freezer that we found locally so we can start utilizing the Costco-sized frozen food. Each time we clean the shed, we fill both our garbage bin and our recycle bin. So, I guess that’s a good start. Furthermore, we have taken 3 Volvo-sized loads to Goodwill/Value Village.

It’s a process, but we’re making slow and steady progress . . .

Climate Control

My latest conundrum with the shed project is how we will keep it heated during the winter months and cool during the summer months. Seemingly, the best option is to install a heat-pump of some sort in one (or more) exterior walls. However, this introduces a hole in the wall that must be properly handled for fear of sound escaping through this conduit to the outside.

S-box design

S-box to allow the flow of air but dampen any sound leakage (in or out)

I assume copious amounts of acoustic caulk and insulation will help. I’ve also considered building a sound-dampening box in front of the unit to help reduce fan noise and sound leakage.

Essentially, it would be a rectangular frame with two opposing, short walls on the inside. The entire inside of the box would be lined with rigid fiberglass insulation or some other dense material to dampen escaping sound.

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